Not Right or Left, RIGHT or WRONG

This is not a Right or Left issue, it is a RIGHT or WRONG issue. And for us moderates in the middle, y’all on the extreme right and the extreme left are BOTH INSANE. As we are an advanced civilization, we have evolved past primitive forms of rule.

Rather than develop individuals, we develop systems. Rather than rule with a big stick, we rule with laws, and judges, and elections. Our system, like any system, may possess vulnerabilities and imperfections – but as a SYSTEM – of checks and balances, of collaboration – it is designed to bring to the top the will of the people and to mute out any radical individuals who seek to destabilize or disrupt the functioning of the system – challenging its liberty, its freedom, its democracy.

And as part of this latest spending bill debacle, people are talking about and dreaming of LINE ITEM VETO POWERS for the President?!? Our great Country is ANTI-DICTATOR and ANTI-AUTOCRAT. Giving ONE PERSON the power to take a Bi-Partisan bill and turn it into a Partisan bill – no being should have such power! If the system is broken, identify the break, and work on it. Systems made of people have inherent, fluctuating, dynamic problems. It is our nature. Try being on a committee of 10 people. Then imagine getting 340 million people in sync. But we must push through, and seek consensus, and fight for what is right. CASTRATE the PRESIDENT’S POWER. Not just this President, ALL Presidents from here out. The President is meant to be a Masters of Ceremony and a Case Manager, an Orator and a glue that binds, a harmonious force that brings together Congress, and topical experts, and the will of the people. Should a President choose to isolate, to ignore, to cherry pick – the harm possible should be limited as their powers reduced.

I am an American – and I buy into the philosophy behind the development of our country: working hard to build great things; great minds and strong backs; freedom – of expression, religion, arms, of choice; the melting pot of the world, a country of immigrants, the crossroads of culture and language; “give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”; let us lift up our most vulnerable; allow our most ambitious to flourish; allow us as citizens, to come together, and PROTEST, to stand strong and to comment loudly upon that which requires change. But anytime ANY MOVEMENT becomes usurped – and its philosophy, its intention and mission becomes lost beneath a harsh, spiny, radicalized exterior – the intended impact is lessened. Destroying property, hurting people, storming political houses, wrestling with police – it is the Modern Age – these are not the behaviors that should define our political arena or discourse. This is not how democracy works. This is not what we teach our children.

Free and fair elections – ran by leaders and helpers from all walks of life, opinions, and political leanings, with built-in workflows and processes, security features and checks-and-balances to prevent any WIDESPREAD manipulation – is the only way. More than 30 courts, including conservative judges and even hand-picked justices, and leadership and lawmakers and election managers from BOTH sides of the aisle – have explored the claims of widespread fraud and REJECTED THEM. Using violence to try and make your cause known or to succeed is not acceptable. It may well be the way of our ancestors, but we are better than that, you are better than that.

And for a leader to incite such, to breed it, spout it – form intention from lies, push it, and then beg for it – is beyond comprehension or reprehension, it is beyond what might be defined as criminal – it is weak, morally bankrupt, it is selfish, and it is un-American. One cannot support things like law and order while simultaneously supporting an attack on law and order. PERIOD. You must choose – are you on the side of right, or wrong?

Finally, as constitutionalists, we know – that as Americans, Trump has been our President the last four years. As constitutionalists, we also know, that if you are American, Biden will be your President come January 20th. You can like them both, you can hate them both, you can have a favorite or can be indifferent.

This is not about choosing political sides, it is about accepting you are part of a system that is bigger than you and your worldview. You cannot change that system by shaking a stick at it or even setting dynamite underneath it – if you want to see change in your community – join City Council or attend your County Commission meetings and start local.

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