75 Myles


A step towards forming better habits for a better life.

A modification of 75 Hard by Andy Frisella, https://andyfrisella.com/.

Inspired by my son Dania who is undertaking the real deal 75 Hard.

For 75 Days:


Two active sessions daily – 30+ mins each.  I intend to stretch and work the heavy bag & shadow box, do Tai Chi, core training, strength training, and cardio interval training for first session.  Walk / bike ride / or swim for second session. Random light dumbbells use and hand strengtheners during downtime.

Apple Watch user so will be tracking vitals and progress. I will weigh myself daily, take progress pics several times per week.


Drink up to 1 gallon of water daily.


Diet will be focused on recommendations from my Mother – with Mediterranean, Italian, American, Indian, Japanese, and Chinese influences; massive sums of vegetables; beans, nuts, fruits, and grains; lots of fish and seafood, sushi, some pork, chicken, turkey; highly reduced dairy, eggs, cheese, yogurt; extremely limited red meat and sweets.

Intermittent fasting – will consume solid food between the hours of 12p and 8p.  Coffee/tea allowed from 8a-12p, and tea 8p-9p. Water consumption wraps at 11p.

Two meals, lunch and dinner; never three full meals – and one allowed snack in the order of an apple, banana, peach, granola bar, etc. Most days I will skip the snack. 


I will only drink alcohol occasionally, which for me is already exceedingly rare; will allow it only socially and on a Friday or Saturday, if at all.


Saturday is cheat meal day and I may have a dessert, pizza, steak, alfredo, etc – heavy, rich foods otherwise disallowed. Intermittent fasting still enforced.

Also, Saturday will have only one active session.


Read 10 pages of a book daily.  I am starting with Atomic Habits and second book still TBD.  No audiobooks or Kindle, using real books with actual pages.


For supplements, I will be taking a multi-vitamin, Goli ACV, Vitamin C gummies, and Activia pro-biotic dailies. Other supplements possibly to explore.


I am shooting for midnight in bed (I am a nightowl by nature) and up between 7 and 7:30a.


As long as I keep going, there is no failure. In 75 Hard, if you are on Day 57 and slip up or miss a task, you go back to Day 1. If I fail one day, I will just try again the next day.

Here’s to a 75 day journey and hopefully the formation of a new set of long lasting habits for life.

Onward and upward!

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